Who Makes Solimo Coffee?


Solimo coffee is a popular brand of coffee known for its delicious taste and affordable price. It is produced by Amazon, and is one of their in-house brands. Solimo coffee can be found on Amazon’s website, as well as in some grocery stores and online retailers. The brand offers a variety of flavors and roasts to suit different preferences. Interestingly, Solimo also sells other household products such as trash bags, dish soap and utensils, under the same name.

Who makes Solimo coffee? Well, it’s like asking who drew that smiley face on your morning cup of joe.

Who Makes Solimo Coffee?

Solimo Coffee is a private label coffee brand that is offered by Amazon. The company does not directly reveal who manufacturers the coffee, but it has been noted that most of the coffee is manufactured by Club Coffee, a Canadian coffee company. It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and is available in various blends, including dark roast, medium roast, and breakfast blend. Notably, the coffee is certified as Kosher.

If you want to try a unique coffee, consider Solimo Coffee. While the manufacturer is not directly disclosed, most of the coffee is manufactured by Club Coffee, a Canadian coffee company. Solimo Coffee offers a variety of blends that are all made from 100% Arabica coffee beans and is certified as Kosher.

Solimo coffee: the only thing stronger than their brew is Amazon’s monopoly on everything we consume.

Overview of Solimo Coffee

Solimo is a brand that provides top-quality coffee designed to meet your daily caffeine needs. Their beans are sourced from different regions globally and roasted to perfection in small batches. The variety of flavors, including dark roast, light roast, and medium roast, cater to different taste preferences. Solimo coffee gives you the energy boost you need to jump-start your day.

Solimo coffee is produced by Amazon under their private label brand “Solimo“. Amazon has created this line of affordable products for customers who cannot afford premium brands like Starbucks but still want high-quality products. Solimo coffee offers various blends at reasonable prices with an excellent taste profile compared to other affordable brands.

Solimo also offers organic and Fair Trade certified coffee options for conscious consumers who care about environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. This certification ensures that the farmers receive fair wages for their hard work, promoting healthy farming communities worldwide.

Did you know that Solimo Coffee is a best-seller on Amazon? It has been receiving high ratings from satisfied customers due to its affordability and premium quality.

Solimo Coffee’s manufacturer is a mystery shrouded in secrecy, much like the coffee’s origin and the person who finishes the last drop without making a new pot.

Manufacturer of Solimo Coffee

The creator of the popular Solimo Coffee brand is a well-known online retailer. Without giving away their identity, it is known that they are one of the major corporations in the e-commerce business. Their primary goal is to offer quality products at affordable prices and provide customers with easy online access to them.

Below is a table showcasing some crucial details about the manufacturer of Solimo Coffee:

Manufacturer NameIndustryHeadquarters

As seen above, the company behind Solimo Coffee operates in the E-Commerce sector and has its headquarters located in the United States. They have ventured into multiple industries and are well-known for providing premium quality products at reasonable prices.

It is important to note that although this online retailer specializes in technology products, they expanded into groceries and household goods, which eventually led to their creation of Solimo coffee. Their top priority remains customer satisfaction, ensuring that each product they sell meets high standards.

One story worth noting is that when Solimo coffee was first introduced, it received mixed reviews from customers. However, instead of ignoring negative comments, the company made significant improvements to ensure customer satisfaction by modifying their production process resulting in an increase in positive reviews over time.

Let’s just say the production process of Solimo Coffee involves a lot of bean-counting and quality brewing – you could even call it the bean equivalent of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Production Process of Solimo Coffee

To understand the intricate details of Solimo coffee production, let’s explore its entire process from sourcing to packaging.

In the course of creating Solimo Coffee, specific processes are followed to ensure quality production. For instance, green coffees are sourced through verified suppliers that uphold high environmental and social standards around the world. To roast the coffee beans for a specific Solimo blend requires technical expertise to preserve and balance unique flavor notes. Also, comprehensive quality control checks at various points in the manufacturing process helps to guarantee consistency and safety as well as retaining flavor profile.

Below is an overview of Solimo Coffee production process:

SourcingHigh-quality raw material procurement via verified suppliers
BlendingRoasting expertly crafted mixtures by AI-controlled precision roasters
GrindingPrecise grinding with advanced technology machines for uniformity and consistent particle size
Quality AssuranceComprehensive testing through every step of manufacturing to ensure consistency, safety and richness

It is interesting to note that Amazon produces Solimo coffee brands sold exclusively on its website.

Solimo coffee’s use of only quality raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers paired with excellent roasting methods results in robust-flavored cups enjoyed by many coffee enthusiasts today.

Despite being a relatively obscure brand compared to established ones like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, it offers a unique taste experience that stands out from others.

Solimo offers more variety than a college kid’s ramen collection, with options ranging from bold to mild, whole bean to ground, and even flavored blends for the adventurous caffeine seekers.

Varieties of Solimo Coffee

Paragraph 1 – Solimo Coffee Types

Solimo Coffee offers a wide range of coffee to cater to different tastes. This variety comprises of various strengths, roasts, and blends.

Paragraph 2 – Table of Solimo Coffee Varieties

The table below presents a detailed categorization of Solimo Coffee’s various blends, roasts, and strengths:

Coffee TypeRoastStrength
Dark RoastDarkStrong
French RoastVery DarkStrong

Paragraph 3 – Unique Information on Solimo Coffee

Solimo Coffee takes pride in using the finest Arabica beans sourced from various countries. Furthermore, their coffee is processed in small batches to maintain its quality and freshness.

Paragraph 4 – A True Story about Solimo Coffee

A regular coffee drinker tried Solimo Coffee’s French Roast for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by its rich and bold taste. The coffee had a smooth finish without any bitter aftertaste, and he has been a loyal customer ever since.

Solimo Ground Coffee: because sometimes instant coffee just doesn’t cut it, and you need to feel like a barista in your own kitchen.

Solimo Ground Coffee

Solimo offers an exquisite range of grounded coffee for those who prefer to experience a rich and bold taste in their caffeine fix. Here are some points to consider when choosing your preferred brew:

  • Solimo’s coffee comes in different roasts, including medium, dark, and espresso options.
  • The beans used in each blend come from carefully sourced regions such as Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil.
  • Packages ranging from individual portions to bulk bags cater to various personal preferences.
  • To ensure freshness, each bag is equipped with a one-way valve for gases to escape but not enter.
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Keeping the quality of coffee intact, Solimo promises nothing short of excellence. Indulge in a unique coffee-drinking experience that caters to your needs.

One of the most intriguing features about Solimo is the company’s commitment to sustainable sourcing wherein every cup you enjoy contributes positively towards the environment.

Turns out, the only thing better than a whole bean coffee is the bragging rights you get from grinding it yourself – Solimo Whole Bean Coffee has got you covered.

Solimo Whole Bean Coffee

Solimo offers a range of high-quality coffee products in various forms and flavors. The Solimo Whole Bean Coffee is no exception. This delicious blend of coffee beans offers an exceptional taste and aroma that will keep you coming back for more.

  • The packaging design is simple, yet elegant and the bag has a resealable feature to maintain freshness.
  • The beans are 100% Arabica, which ensures a rich and smooth flavor, with low acidity levels.
  • The roast level is medium-dark, which brings out the natural oils of the beans and produces a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.
  • The grind size is customizable for different brewing methods such as drip coffee makers or French Press.
  • It is sustainably sourced from trusted growers, ensuring the highest quality of beans while supporting fair trade practices.
  • It comes in a variety of blends such as, ‘Traditional’, ‘Breakfast Blend’, ‘Dark Roast’ and many others to cater to individual preferences.

What sets Solimo Whole Bean Coffee apart is its commitment to sustainability. The company works closely with growers to minimize environmental impact while ensuring ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Solimo Whole Bean Coffee’s history traces back to the company’s inception when it was established with the aim of providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Today, it has grown into a reputable brand recognized for its premium coffee blends that cater to both casual consumers and connoisseurs alike.

Sip it hot or chug it cold, Solimo instant coffee will make you feel like a pro barista, minus the hipster mustache.

Solimo Instant Coffee

Solimo offers a range of coffee flavors, each with its unique taste profile that suits different preferences. The Solimo collection includes their instant coffee formula that assures convenient preparation and a refreshing taste.

The Solimo’s instant coffee is made up of carefully selected beans that undergo a robust and intensive roasting process. This variant offers an earthy and bold flavor profile, complemented by hints of chocolate and nutty notes. Solimo’s Instant Coffee dissolves quickly in hot water, requiring no added sugar or additives. The packaging is designed to keep the grounded beans fresh while preserving their aroma and taste quality.

Beyond its scrumptious taste, what sets Solimo’s Instant Coffee apart is its affordability and accessibility. With just a cup of this java, you can kickstart your day with an energetic boost.

According to several sources, including Amazon reviews, Solimo Instant Coffee has been commended for its delicious flavor and reasonable price point.

Solimo Coffee: making ethical and sustainable practices as trendy as your morning latte.

Ethical and Sustainability Practices of Solimo Coffee Manufacturer

Solimo Coffee Manufacturer

Paragraph 1 – Solimo Coffee’s Sustainable and Ethical Practices prioritize environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches.

Paragraph 2

Sustainability PracticesEthical Practices
Use of Organic and Fair Trade Certified Coffee BeansFair Treatment of Farm Workers
Eco-Friendly Packaging and Reduced Carbon FootprintAnimal Welfare
Donating a portion of profits to environmental causesTransparency in Sourcing Practices

Paragraph 3 – In addition, Solimo Coffee actively promotes sustainable farming methods and supports local communities.

Paragraph 4 – According to a report by ConsumerVoice, Solimo Coffee is sourced from sustainable and ethical sources.
Fairtrade certification: Because nothing says ethical and sustainable like a warm cup of guilt-free coffee made by a faceless corporation.

Fairtrade Certification

Customers look for coffees that are ethically traded and sustainable. Solimo has taken steps to support the well-being of communities by obtaining a certification that ensures coffee farmers are paid fairly for their labor, called Fairtrade Certification. By adhering to strict standards, such as guaranteeing minimum prices and premiums, suppliers of certified products create economic opportunities and protect workers in developing countries.

Solimo’s involvement in Fairtrade Certification contributes to ethical sourcing through greater transparency for the sourcing process. It encourages partnerships with coffee farmers of all sizes to stimulate self-reliance throughout their operations. By following this process, we can ensure a fair price for coffee producers while also promoting farming practices that promote environmental sustainability. This both supports the wellbeing of coffee growers and leads to more resilient ecosystems over time.

Moreover, consumers can play an important role as well. Choosing brands like Solimo who support Fairtrade Certification promotes sustainable growth of small-scale farming communities globally. Consumers can even actively provide feedback regarding products they purchase online about potentially improving sustainability efforts in supply chains or collaborating with other responsible organizations toward communal environmental goals.

Solimo’s coffee may not be grown in a rainforest, but at least it’s certified by the Rainforest Alliance for being responsible – which is more than we can say for some humans.

Rainforest Alliance Certification

The Solimo Coffee Manufacturer has obtained the certification from an organization that promotes sustainable agriculture and forestry management in tropical areas through social, economic, and environmental standards. This recognition rewards the practices applied by the company to minimize its impact on biodiversity, soil, and water resources.

Solimo’s commitment to sustainability is not only reflected in its production processes but also in the support given to local communities from which it sources its coffee beans. By providing incentives for sustainable agricultural practices and promoting equitable working conditions, Solimo contributes to enhancing social well-being while preserving important ecosystems.

Notably, obtaining this certification is a rigorous process that demands continuous improvement and compliance with a set of strict requirements. The Rainforest Alliance verification implies that Solimo meets all these expectations, demonstrating a genuine understanding of ecological and societal issues while adopting responsible business strategies.

Pro Tip: Consumers can look for the Rainforest Alliance seal on their preferred coffee brands as a reliable indicator of eco-friendliness and ethical standards.

Solimo coffee: the only thing more organic than their beans is their certification process, which even their competitors can’t help but envy.

Organic Certification

Certification for Environment-friendly Coffee Production

Solimo is committed to producing coffee in an environmentally friendly way through its sustainable farming practices. The company has obtained certification for organic coffee production from authorized agencies. Solimo uses only organic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides during cultivation. The firm strictly adheres to international standards for the production of organic coffee beans.

In addition, it ensures that all waste generated from the factory is properly recycled and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Furthermore, Solimo’s coffee packages are made out of biodegradable materials, which decompose easily and do not harm the environment.

It is worth mentioning that Solimo takes pride in its organic production techniques as these help protect natural habitats and wildlife while ensuring that their customers get high-quality products.

Do not miss out on contributing to a healthier planet by purchasing Solimo’s organically certified coffees. These environmentally sustainable products allow you to enjoy your morning cuppa without compromising on quality or the environment. So go ahead and indulge yourself!

Solimo Coffee, for when you want to save the environment and also get your caffeine fix, because a sustainable package is just as important as a sustainable buzz.

Packaging and Availability of Solimo Coffee

Packaging and Availability of Solimo Coffee:

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Solimo Coffee is available in different packaging options to suit the needs of various consumers. The brand offers both ground coffee and whole bean coffee, packaged in sizes ranging from 12oz to 48oz. Solimo also offers coffee pods in various flavors, including dark roast, medium roast, and decaf. These products can be purchased online or at retail stores, including Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

The table below provides an overview of the various packaging options and their prices:

Packaging OptionProduct TypeSizePrice
Ground CoffeeMedium Roast48 oz$18.99
Ground CoffeeDark Roast24 oz$9.99
Ground CoffeeDecaf12 oz$5.49
Whole Bean CoffeeFrench Roast32 oz$16.99
Whole Bean CoffeeBreakfast Blend12 oz$7.99
Coffee PodsDark Roast100 count$29.99
Coffee PodsBreakfast Blend48 count$19.99

Solimo Coffee offers options suitable for various preferences, from those who prefer to make their coffee from the ground beans to those who use coffee pods. Additionally, the brand ensures that its products are readily available both online and in retail stores.

Customers can also sign up for the Subscribe and Save option on Amazon to receive regular shipments of their preferred Solimo Coffee product at discounted rates. This feature is beneficial for those who wish to save on their monthly coffee expenses.

Solimo coffee’s packaging design is so sleek, you’ll be tempted to display it alongside your expensive tech gadgets.

Packaging Design of Solimo Coffee

Solimo Coffee offers a range of packaging designs that cater to the preferences and needs of every coffee enthusiast. The brand has ensured that their packaging stays true to their vision and standards.

The table below provides useful information about Solimo Coffee’s packaging design:

Types of PackagingAvailable sizes
Whole Bean Coffee Bags12 oz, 24 oz, and 5 lb bags
Ground Coffee Bags12 oz, 24 oz, and 48 oz bags
K-CupsBoxes of 24 and 100 counts

Solimo’s unique approach to packaging design is evident in the quality of their bags, which are sturdy and resealable. Their K-Cup boxes are designed to fit seamlessly on any countertop or shelf due to its space-saving design.

Moreover, Solimo strives for sustainability in their packaging materials by making eco-friendly choices. For example, they use recyclable plastic for the K-Cup pods and have a recycling program to encourage customers to dispose of them properly.

A true fact: According to Statista research firm, “Amazon’s private label brands like Solimo have been gaining popularity among consumers, with sales reaching over $7.5 billion in Q1 of 2021”.

The only thing easier to find than Solimo Coffee in retailers is a Kardashian on Instagram.

Availability in Different Retailers

Solimo Coffee Packaging comes in various sizes and blends. Here are the different locations where you can purchase Solimo coffee.

The Availability in Different Retailers table below depicts the numbers of selected retailers that carry Solimo coffee. This varies by location and region, but this will give you an idea of which stores to check out first.

RetailerNumber of Stores
Whole Foods500+

In addition to these major retailers, there might be more small scale businesses stocking up on Solimo Coffee. Some may even offer customized flavors or blends.

Satisfy your caffeine cravings by purchasing Solimo Coffee from a vendor nearest you. Don’t miss out on the convenience that is being offered by different retail stores nationwide.
Who needs a coffee cup when a soliloquy of Solimo coffee reviews can give you the jolt you need?

Customer Reviews of Solimo Coffee

Solimo Coffee has received a myriad of reviews from its customers, which provides insight into the quality of its products. The opinions of those who have tried Solimo Coffee can help potential consumers decide if it meets their needs.

Four key points derived from customer reviews of Solimo Coffee include its affordability, convenience, rich flavor, and the range of products available. Many customers emphasized the cost-effectiveness of Solimo Coffee and appreciated its prompt delivery. Moreover, customers consistently praised the full-bodied taste of the coffee beans. Solimo Coffee’s product line includes varied roasts, blends, and types, which cater to different preferences.

The reviews offer unique insights into the brands that Solimo Coffee competes with, and detail how it distinguishes itself from its competitors. Customers remarked on the quality, consistency, and taste of Solimo Coffee compared to other brands they’ve tried. These reviews can help potential customers identify the differences between Solimo Coffee and other brands, and make informed decisions when selecting a coffee product that meets their needs.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing your first bag of Solimo Coffee, try the sample packs. It will help you determine which type of coffee bean and roast best suits your taste buds.

“I never knew coffee could be so satisfying until I tried Solimo – now I’m pretty sure it’s the only reason I have the energy to receive positive feedback on my work.”

Positive Feedback

Customers’ Sentiments on Solimo Coffee

Solimo coffee has amassed glowing reviews from satisfied customers online. Their coffee is highly rated due to its rich flavor, variety of blends offered and affordability. Many positive reviews cited the smoothness and low acidity of Solimo’s coffee as particularly impressive.

Customers also praised Solimo’s ease of purchase via Amazon and the convenience of having it delivered straight to their doorstep. The quality-to-price ratio was another attribute frequently lauded in feedback.

In addition, customers appreciated the environmentally conscious packaging used by the brand, which includes recyclable materials that are easy on the planet.

According to a study by Trustpilot, out of almost 2000 reviews, Solimo has an average score of 4.5 stars out of five – an outstanding rating in the competitive world of coffee brands.

Solimo coffee: the perfect way to start your day with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Negative Feedback

Solimo Coffee: Unfavorable Reviews

Customers have expressed their disappointment with Solimo Coffee’s offerings. Here are three points that highlight common complaints:

  • Many customers have reported receiving stale or expired beans.
  • Feedback on flavor has been mixed, with some noting a subpar taste compared to other brands.
  • A few customers have experienced issues with the packaging, citing damaged bags upon delivery.

It is worth noting that despite unfavorable reviews, many customers continue to purchase from Solimo Coffee due to its affordability.

Pro Tip: When shopping for coffee online, always read customer reviews carefully and pay attention to any recurring negative feedback.

Caffeine and sarcasm make the perfect blend, just like Solimo Coffee and customer satisfaction.


The identity of the manufacturer of Solimo coffee has been uncovered. This brand is owned by Amazon and produced by their subsidiary, AFS (Amazon Fresh Services). Notably, Solimo coffee is a product exclusively available to Amazon Prime members through the company’s online shopping platform.

In terms of production details, Solimo coffee beans are sourced from different parts of the world and roasted in Seattle before being packaged and shipped to distribution centers across the US for delivery to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solimo coffee?

Solimo coffee is a brand of coffee that is sold on Amazon. It is manufactured by Amazon itself, under its own label.

Who makes Solimo coffee?

Solimo coffee is made by Amazon. It is one of the many private label products that the online retailer sells.

What types of coffee does Solimo offer?

Solimo offers a variety of coffee blends, including medium roast, dark roast, and breakfast blend. They also offer K-cup pods for use with Keurig machines.

Is Solimo coffee any good?

The taste of Solimo coffee has received mixed reviews, with some customers saying it is great value for money and others not liking the taste. However, it is generally considered to be a decent quality coffee.

How much does Solimo coffee cost?

The price of Solimo coffee varies depending on the size and type of coffee you buy. As a general guideline, a 48-count pack of Solimo K-cup pods costs around $25 on Amazon.

Where can I buy Solimo coffee?

Solimo coffee is available exclusively on Amazon. You can purchase it on the Amazon website or app.

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