About Cody Flake


Growing up in a small town in Oregon, Cody’s love for coffee was ignited early. His parents owned a local coffee shop, and he spent his childhood and early adult years learning the art of brewing, tasting, and appreciating coffee.

His passion only grew stronger when he set out to explore the world, witnessing firsthand the diverse coffee cultures in places like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Italy.

Cody has a deep understanding of the intricacies and complexities of coffee. His keen palate can identify subtle notes and flavors, and his hands are skilled in various brewing methods.

His knowledge is not limited to the barista side of things. Over the years, he’s learned about coffee farming, processing, and trade, making him an all-around coffee expert.

Cody founded Coffee Passionist with a vision: to bring together coffee lovers from all walks of life and create a space where they can learn, share, and grow their passion for coffee.

His enthusiasm and expertise are the driving forces behind our blog, and his stories form the backbone of our content.